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Using the Message Gateway configuration tile, you can configure a Facebook gateway.

Tip: For a general description of Facebook chats, see Facebook.

For each Facebook gateway, you must specify:

  • The Facebook page to which customers should send posts, comments, replies, and/or messages (and from which agents will reply)
  • The agent group that will deal with these Facebook chats
  • The field in your customer details table containing the customer’s unique Facebook ID for your page

By setting up multiple Facebook gateways, you can allow customers to get in touch about different things.


Customers can contact Inisoft Travel via Facebook. The Facebook page that the customer should use to get in touch depends on whether they’re a personal customer or a business customer.

Query Type Facebook Page
Personal Travel Inisoft Travel Personal
Business Travel Inisoft Travel Business

Here Inisoft Travel Personal and Inisoft Travel Business are two different Facebook gateways.

Unlike Twitter, where the customer has a single unique username, Facebook assigns each user a unique ID per Facebook page that they interact with. Because of this, each customers is assigned a different ID when they post on the Inisoft Travel Personal page compared with when they post on the Inisoft Travel Business page.

To support this, Inisoft Travel have two Facebook ID fields in their customer details table:


For their personal travel Facebook gateway, Inisoft Travel set the Lookup field to FBPERSONALID. For their business travel Facebook gateway, Inisoft Travel set the Lookup field to FBBUSINESSID.

Where an existing customer posts, say, on the Inisoft Travel Business page, Syntelate XA only retrieves the customer’s record where the FBBUSINESSID field is populated in the customer’s record. If it is not, then Syntelate XA creates a new record in the customer details table, as though for a brand new customer.


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Adding a Facebook Gateway

Note: For general message gateway tasks, see General Message Gateway Tasks.

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