Message Gateways Configuration


This section explains what a message gateway in Syntelate XA is and tells you how to use Message Gateway configuration in Syntelate Studio to create and manage your message gateways.

Message Gateway configuration tile: Configure your Message Monitor.

A message gateway is a connection between Syntelate XA and a message-based communication service, such as an email server, a social media messaging platform, or an SMS provider.

For web chat, the message gateway is the connection between the Syntelate XA web chat widget on your website and the chat element on the Syntelate XA Agent Desktop.

It's important to know that web chat is part of Syntelate XA, whereas chat bots, email, social media messaging, and SMS are delivered using integrations with third-party services.

A message gateway allows messages sent via those services to be added to the INTERACTION_X table, which in turn allows them to be picked up by the Worklist Engine for passing to agents. And, once the messages are in the INTERACTION_X table, they can be included in reporting.

Email Message Gateways

The primary purpose of email message gateways is to create an email channel in Syntelate XA.

Their other purpose is to enable a web chat channel to send customers a copy of their chat transcript.

Using Message Gateway configuration, you can create email message gateways for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes.

If you want to integrate other email services with Syntelate XA, see Integrations in the Channels section for advice.

To integrate Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 with Syntelate XA, you need to configure one message gateway for each mailbox that you want to connect to.

See Email Message Gateways for instructions.

SMS Message Gateways

SMS functionality is provided by third-party services, which you integrate with Syntelate XA by configuring an SMS message gateway. The resultant SMS message gateway acts as an SMS channel in Syntelate XA

There are two types of SMS channel in Syntelate XA: SMS outbound and SMS chat. You can create both types of SMS channel or just one.

Either way, you must configure one message gateway for each phone number from which you need to send outbound SMS or SMS chat messages.

See Outbound SMS Message Gateways and SMS Chat Message Gateways for instructions.

Note: Because the SMS message gateway integrates a third-party SMS provider with Syntelate XA, you must already have an account with one of the supported providers in order to successfully configure the gateway. You can find a list of the supported providers at Outbound SMS and SMS Chat in Channels.

Web Chat Message Gateways

For web chat, you need to create:

  1. One web chat message gateway for each web chat topic you want to support (for example, Inisoft Travel supports two topics: Personal Travel and Business Travel).

  2. One email message gateway for each web chat gateway that will let customers request a copy of their chat transcript by email.

  3. One leave a message gateway for each web chat message gateway. (Leave a message is used when no agents are available for web chat.)

Note: You must create the leave a message gateway before the web chat message gateway because the web chat message gateway settings require you to specify which leave a message gateway the web chat should use.

See Leave a Message and Web Chat Message Gateways for instructions.

Social Media Message Gateways

Syntelate XA currently supports the following social media messaging platforms:

  • Facebook Messenger: You'll need one gateway for each Facebook page that you will use Facebook Messenger on.
  • WhatsApp: You'll need one gateway for each WhatsApp phone number that you will use to send messages to customers.

See Social Media Message Gateways for instructions.

Tip: For a general description of the various non-voice channels, see Channels.