This topic is for technical users who want to know how reporting and analytics work in Syntelate XA. Here you’ll find an overview of the types of reports available and where they are displayed, as well as a description of the database tables used for each channel’s reporting (i.e., voice, chat, and email).

What Reporting Includes

In Syntelate XA, reporting includes both real-time and historical activity across your contact center. There are three types of report available for each channel:

  1. Real time: shows a summary view of the current day’s activity so far.
  2. Current status: shows what is happening now for each channel.
  3. Historical: shows a view of the historical data for the customer experience and, as a separate report, for the agent experience.

Reporting records every change of state for interactions across all channels. For each interaction, this makes it possible to determine things like:

  • For voice calls: How long the customer spent on hold during the call
  • For emails: How long the agent spent replying to the email
  • For web chat: How long it took for the customer to be connected to an agent.

You can use the captured data to, for example, report on average handling time, whether for an individual agent or for all agents in an agent group, and whether across the last hour or across the last month. You can also generate reports at regular intervals, for example every 15 minutes or every hour.

Viewing Reports

In Syntelate XA, you can make reporting data visible to both supervisors and agents. For supervisors, reporting data is displayed on a Syntelate XA Dashboard Desktop. For agents, reporting data is displayed on a Syntelate XA Agent Desktop.

Showing Reports on Dashboard Desktops

Here is an example of a Syntelate XA Dashboard Desktop providing data on call activity.

Screenshot of a supervisor desktop

You can see more examples of reports in Dashboard Desktop .

Showing Reporting Data on Agent Desktops

You can also show reporting data on a Syntelate XA Agent Desktop. The following screenshot shows a chart on an agent’s desktop that displays the agent’s average handling time against their team’s average handling time for the last three months.

Screenshot of Emily's chat in Syntelate XA

Tip: For information about designing charts, see Charting Editor.

Setting Up Reporting

For voice and email channels, Inisoft works with you to design the reporting that you need, and we make sure it’s added to your Syntelate XA Dashboard Desktop and Syntelate XA Agent Desktop.

The process is slightly different for chats (whether web, SMS, or social media), because you can use Syntelate Studio to enable or disable full reporting at any time. Full reporting for chats records a range of events that might occur in a chat. We call these events call states.

There are many call states that Syntelate XA records across each channel, such as the event of the agent’s first message being sent, the customer’s last message being sent, and so on. For a full description of the call states that are recorded, see Call States.

Alternatively, you can disable full reporting, in which case Syntelate XA records only the start and end of each chat (with call states WorklistItemPop and WorklistItemClose).

To enable full reporting for a chat, use the Enable reporting field in the appropriate message gateway. For more information and instructions, see Message Gateways Configuration.