Workzone Editor

Use the Workzone Editor tile to create and manage workzones.


A workzone is an area of your contact center business that agents can log in to. Where an agent has access to more than one workzone, they will be asked which workzone they want to use when logging in to Syntelate XA.

Screenshot of the XA Workzone login page


Inisoft Travel has two workzones:

  • Personal Travel
  • Business Travel

Workzones and Desktops

You can associate each workzone with a desktop. Agents will then see that desktop when logging in to the workzone.

Often there’s a one-to-one relationship between a desktop and a workzone, but this needn’t be the case. You can associate a single desktop with multiple workzones.

The main reason for associating multiple workzones with the same desktop is to control the type of interactions that agents are passed. This is done in association with the Worklist Engine.


Inisoft Travel has a single desktop that is used by both the Personal Travel and the Business Travel workzones.

When an agent logs in to the Personal Travel workzone, Syntelate XA only passes the agent calls, emails, and chats from personal travel customers.

Similarly, when an agent logs in to the Business Travel workzone, Syntelate XA only passes the agent calls, emails, and chats from business travel customers.

Restricting Access to Workzones

You don’t assign agents to workzones. Rather, by default, every agent can access all workzones. An agent with default access permissions will be shown the Please select your workzone list after logging in to Syntelate XA.

However, you can restrict access to a particular workzone. You do this by associating the workzone with a particular agent group. (Unlike workzones, you do assign agents to agent groups.)

Where a workzone has been restricted to an agent group, only agents who belong to that group see the workzone listed in the Please select your workzone list.

Where an agent only has access to a single workzone, they are not prompted to select a workzone upon logging in to Syntelate XA. Instead, they are immediately logged in to that workzone.

Other Things

Below are some other things that the workzone controls.

Worklist Engine

If you wish to use the Worklist Engine with your workzone, you must activate it. Otherwise, agents won’t be passed any outbound calls, emails, or chats, since the Worklist Engine handles those types of interaction record.

If agents should only be passed inbound calls, then you can safely leave the Worklist Engine turned off for the workzone.

Reserve Agents for Inbound Calls

Reserve agents help you manage competing demands for web chat and inbound calls in workzones that blend inbound calls with web chat. Reserve agents for inbound calls is a setting in the Workzone Editor that, when switched on and configured, tells the Worklist Engine to automatically and randomly place the specified number of agents in this workzone into a reserve list.

As a result, when the reserved agents have completed their current web chat, they will be passed an inbound call.

When the inbound call is complete, the agent will be released from the reserve list and able to return to web chats.


It’s at the level of the workzone that you indicate which CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solution should be used, if any.

If agents should only handle emails or chats, for example, then you don’t have to configure a CTI solution.

If, however, agents will handle calls, then you must set up a CTI solution.

Syntelate XA supports various CTI solutions. For more information, see Channels.


It’s also at the level of the workzone that you indicate whether a separate customer relationship management system should be used, such as Salesforce.

For information about configuring Syntelate XA to work with Salesforce, see Salesforce.

Interval Group

You can also associate an interval group with a workzone. If you do, Date box with intervals controls in the workzone will use this interval group (unless overridden with another interval group in the control’s properties).


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