Desktop Designer

Use the Desktop Designer to design desktops for Syntelate XA.

What’s a Desktop?

A desktop is the user interface that you use to do things in Syntelate XA. The most common type of desktop is an agent desktop. This is the interface that agents use to handle calls, view customer details, write emails, and so on.

A desktop consists of one or more Desktop Controls (such as data entry elements, scripts, and workloads).

Annotated screenshot of a desktop

For a user to access the desktop, it must be associated with a workzone. When a user logs in to a workzone, they see the desktop that has been associated with it.


The Condition property of various desktop controls lets you set a conditional expression to define when the control is shown on the desktop. This flexibility helps you design a dynamic desktop that updates what’s on the agent’s screen depending on parameters such as interaction type, DNIS/DDI number, customer date of birth, agent group ID, etc.


At Inisoft Travel, agents see a Customer Details data entry element on their desktops when inbound calls are passed to them. This is because the Customer Details data entry element has been configured with a conditional expression that checks if the interaction is an inbound call:


When that condition is true, the Customer Details data entry element is displayed on the agent desktop.

Defining a condition is optional. You define conditions by opening the Control properties of the desktop control and, under Optional, clicking in the Condition text box.

Optional dropdown list showing Condition text box

This opens the Calculation Builder, where you define the conditional expression. If you leave the Condition blank, the desktop control will be visible by default.

You can find out more about creating desktop controls and conditions by reading the Desktop Controls section.

Configuration Desktop

A configuration desktop is a special type of desktop that lets you configure aspects of Syntelate XA. It consists of a menu control and one or more data entry element controls.

A configuration desktop showing agents

In the above example, the menu control lists each of the five data entry elements that this configuration desktop contains. The user can click an item in this menu to move to the appropriate data entry element.

The Agents data entry element is the active data entry element in this example. This lets the user add, edit, and/or delete agents. You can also use this data entry element to allocate a selected agent to one or more agent groups.

A configuration desktop is really just a user-friendly visual interface for viewing or amending data held in database tables.


In Syntelate XA every agent is represented by a record in the AGENT database table. Similarly, the allocation of agents to agent groups is defined in the AGENTS2AGENTGROUPS database table.

The data entry element shown above consists of two data entry controls:

  • A grid control that lets the user add, edit, or delete agents (in other words, lets the user insert, update, or delete records in the AGENT database table)
  • An allocation control that lets the user allocate an agent to, or remove an agent from, agent groups (in other words, lets the user insert or delete records in the AGENTS2AGENTGROUPS database table)

A 25%–75% container works pretty well for a configuration desktop. For example, in the Desktop Designer, the above configuration desktop would look as so:

A configuration desktop in the Desktop Designer

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