Action Builder

Use the Action Builder to define actions for Syntelate XA. Syntelate XA actions are written as SQL expressions and can include JavaScript.

The Action Builder provides templates that you can use. Alternatively, you can manually enter queries and functions.

When you've saved your action, it can be assigned to controls on the Syntelate XA Agent Desktop.

Tip: Actions created in one universe cannot be used in another universe.


Actions are used for adding bespoke functionality in Syntelate XA and tailoring the user journeys of both the agent and the customer to fit unique requirements.

Some typical uses of actions include:

  • Set a flag in a database field.
  • Display sales offers at the right time in a scripted call.
  • Remind the agent to provide some missing required details.
  • Send an auto-reply email when an outbound call isn't answered.


Jack, an agent at Inisoft Travel, is on a call with a customer about booking a holiday. When the customer indicates that they have an issue with the cost, Syntelate XA automatically shows Jack information about offers and discounts. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Inisoft Travel created an action with a single step of type Select tab. This step type activates a particular tab of a tabbed data entry element, in this case the Offers and discounts tab.

In the Script Designer, Inisoft Travel set this action to run when the script enters the Inisoft Travel Cost script box.

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