This section is for supervisors. In Syntelate XA, a supervisor will need to use a Syntelate XA Configuration Desktop, and, possibly, also a Syntelate XA Dashboard Desktop. Here’s a high-level description of those desktops:

  • Syntelate XA Configuration Desktop: You use this desktop to manage agent groups, email rules, disposition codes, operational hours, customer feedback, and more.
  • Syntelate XA Dashboard Desktop: You use this desktop to view real-time and historical data for the contact center’s activity. In addition, you can create customized reports from that data and export the reports to Excel spreadsheet format.

Explore the side menu to find out how to use the desktops.

Tip: If you are a supervisor who also handles customer interactions, you can find information about using your Syntelate XA Agent Desktop in the Agent section.

Note: Syntelate XA is highly customizable; we tailor your desktops to suit your company’s requirements, which means that your desktops might vary in some ways from the standard desktops documented in this Syntelate XA Online Help.