Dashboard Desktop


This section describes the Syntelate XA Dashboard Desktop, which displays data on the activity of agents and their interactions with customers in Syntelate XA.

Reporting Workzones

Syntelate XA is organized into workzones. A workzone is an area of the contact center's business, such as sales, customer service, configuration, reporting. Access to workzones is managed by agent groups and reporting groups.

If your group or groups are assigned to only one workzone, you'll automatically enter it upon logging in to Syntelate XA.

Alternatively, if you're assigned to more than one workzone, you will see the Workzone screen after you log in to Syntelate XA. From there you can select a workzone to enter.

The workzone determines what kind of activity you can do. For example, an agent who is a new start and in a team that handles only outbound calls will be assigned to an outbound telephony workzone.

To enter a reporting workzone, choose it from the list, and you will see the Syntelate XA Dashboard Desktop, which displays the dashboard and reports.

If you don't see the workzones list, or you think there is a workzone missing from the list, ask a manager or system administrator for help.

What Next?

The rest of this section describes some typical dashboards and reports.