This section is written for agents using the Syntelate XA Agent Desktop to handle customer interactions. However, other users of Syntelate XA, such as supervisors and those with Designer or Studio licenses, will also benefit from learning about the agent desktop. Understanding how Syntelate XA works from an agent’s point of view will help you when it comes to managing or configuring Syntelate XA.

Tip: If you are a supervisor, you can find help with the tasks you need to do in Syntelate XA in the Supervisor section. Designer and Studio users can find information on configuring Syntelate XA by referring to the Designer and Studio sections.



The Syntelate XA Agent Desktop is an omni-channel customer interaction desktop. Omni-channel means that Syntelate XA can handle interactions from different sources at the same time. It also means that Syntelate XA can join up the customer's interaction data from each channel they contacted your organization on.

Omnichannel diagram

Syntelate XA offers the following channels:

  • Inbound and outbound voice calls
  • Email
  • SMS messaging
  • SMS chat
  • Web chat
  • Social media messaging


The Syntelate XA Agent Desktop is also a unified agent desktop. This means that Syntelate XA gives you one single interface to handle all of these different types of interaction, as well as any external applications that your company has integrated with Syntelate XA.

Note: Although the Syntelate XA Agent Desktop offers many features, your company may have selected only some of them for your agent desktop.


Syntelate XA is organised into workzones. A workzone is an area of your contact center business, such as inbound calls, outbound calls, blended inbound and outbound calls, email, configuration, dashboards, etc.

Agents and other users, such as supervisors and technical staff, are assigned, by their company, to workzones set up for their specific role.

Syntelate XA is organized into workzones. A workzone is an area of the contact center's business, such as sales, customer service, configuration, reporting. Access to workzones is managed by agent groups and reporting groups.

If your group or groups are assigned to only one workzone, you'll automatically enter it upon logging in to Syntelate XA.

Alternatively, if you're assigned to more than one workzone, you will see the Workzone screen after you log in to Syntelate XA. From there you can select a workzone to enter.

The workzone determines what kind of activity you can do. For example, an agent who is a new start and in a team that handles only outbound calls will be assigned to an outbound telephony workzone.

What Next?

  • If you are new to Syntelate XA, we recommend you learn about The Interface of the agent desktop.

  • The Interface topic also tells you how to handle calls. Look for the Telephony Toolbar section.

  • Explore the Agent topics on how to handle chats and emails.

  • The Tasks below help you with general activities, such as logging in.

Tip: You can download PDF versions of the Help site from each topic's overview page or from the PDFs page. Alternatively, your company may have provided you with bespoke PDFs written specifically for your team. Check with your manager if you are unsure which PDFs to use.